The puzzle that doesn't stand still

The puzzle, reinvented

DRIFT takes the traditional tiles puzzle for a new ride, with just one simple change: the puzzle motif is a looping animation in constant movement.

Time ads a new dimension to an old challenge: the abstract design you see is not only scrambled, it also changes as you look at it. Your pattern-recognition abilities call on your short-time memory for assistance. You attention stays sharp to catch the moment in the loop when the right place for that tile becomes clear and everything begins to make sense...

Swap and rotate the tiles to solve the puzzle before running out of time or turns. Earn high scores by being as fast and accurate as you can. Trade the points you earn for helpers - they will make you job easier on the levels you play next!

There are 64 levels in 4 groups. Each level is a hand-crafted, beautiful geometric animation. Each group brings a different palette and atmosphere to the game. As you progress, the difficulty slowly rises, going from "pleasant" at the beginning to "insane" on the final levels.



About RandomSeed

DRIFT is the first released game by RandomSeed, a new indie studio based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. RandomSeed consists mostly of Leonardo Solaas, with the assistance of Gabriela Cardenas who, as Art Director, is the only person in the company with an officially named role for the moment.


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